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"A newt?" "... I got better..."

My foot hurts. It's getting better, but hurts. My foot has now shrunk to about 110% of its former size, and lack of swelling has also reduced the padding it provided, so now walking on it hurts very much. The bruising has also started, and now I have shades of black and purples starting at the base of my toes across the top of my foot, and one very deep inky spot has appeared in the dead center of my arch on the bottom, and is slowly spreading. I never even knew you could bruise the bottom of your foot, but there you go.

I have bronchitis, but one doctor's visit later, I am on antibiotics, so that's getting better, too. Of course, Katsucon is a few days away, and I am behind. I don't even do that much stuff, and I am behind!

Man... I am beginning to think Katsucon is a curse. Weeks before each con...

- Katsucon 11, I sprained my foot and got bronchitis
- Katsucon 10, last Grandparent hospitalized (later dies) and I get the flu
- Katsucon 9, my sister-in-law Brenda dies, and we get snowed out
- Katsucon 8, I got pneumonia
- Katsucon 7, I got bronchitis and twisted my ankle

So. Either February is my unluckiest month, or I need to change something. Even the "FanTek Flu" didn't get me this bad. I never get this sick before, say, Balticon. Suggestions?
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