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Looking ahead...

Well, despite constant nightmarish nostalgia in my blog, I am also looking ahead to the future. The year 2005, I hope to accomplish most of the following:

Try to restart my fiction writing. Well, why not? I want to give my outline for the Tony Bumper story another once-over, and then start filling in the gaps. Although most of my friends, especially takayla, of course, have egged me on, oddly enough, aurienne has been kind of a motivator for me on this. I wonder if she knows? ironkite says she says the same about me. The status of the written works are as follows:
- Outline is done. It can still be altered, but it's a solid plot outline, start to finish.
- Four chapters are written. Three need to be heavily changed. There are twenty-three chapters planned.
- There are many assorted "clippings" and thought ideas about the hard drive, which are about two more chapters in length, although they cover parts of probably about six of them.

Go to Sweden. My goal is to go every few years, and the last time was 2001. If I ever get rich enough, I'll go yearly. This year, I plan to travel to Stockholm, and travel upwards back to "home" in Luleaa/Boden. Future plans in, say, 2009, are to include Iceland and England as part of my tour. Here's what I have to do:
- Get mine, CR's passport renewed
- Cash in beaucoup Airline miles, and fly there for like $100/person
- Plan time with my cousins, coincide with their times off
- Find places to stay, cheaply (NOT easy AT ALL in Sweden), when not with cousins
- Make sure I am still working where I can take 2 weeks off
- How the USD/SEK exchange doesn't get much lower. It's at 6.97 now, which is fine (it was as low as 6.57 in December). If it dips below 6, it will be hard to buy anything cheap. If it gets below 5, I simply can't go.

Finish the yellow bathroom. Demolition is now 50% done. I thought about making a party out of it, but you really can't fit more than one person in that bathroom.

The way I see it, here's the stuff I can do on my own:
- Rip out remaining drywall, tiles, sink, and counter.
- Re-tile floor and tub walls
- Hire plumber to check out plumbing, raise faucets in tub (planning on getting taller tub)
- Hire electrician to check out wiring, re-wire to have more sensible lighting and outlets
- Paint or wallpaper
- Hookup and install toilet, counter cabinet, sink

Stuff I need someone to help me with:
- Putting up drywall/greenboard (large, awkward, bulky, need someone with truck)
- Removing old tub, taking to dump (large, awkward, bulky, need someone with truck)
- Putting in new tub (large, awkward, bulky, need someone with truck)
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