punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Why am I still at work?

I am so angry.

Work hasn't fucked me up, no, work is fine. The biggest issue was that we're moving to the new building tomorrow, and since I can't be here, I packed today. I packed my computer system up at 3:30, expecting to be home in half an hour. But as soon as I packed away all my office stuff, ready for the movers, Christine calls and says that Cox was still there, trying to rewire our phones.

Now, keep in mind, they were just supposed to switch the phone service, not rewire anything. So why are they all over my house, yanking out wires, and crawling in my attic? I haven't a fucking clue. The tech made up some bullshit story about having two sets of wiring in our house to phones we KNEW connected to the same phone line. Our phones worked fine before, now he's got it where none of the lines work. A manager is now in our house, and Christine can't leave because there are two men poking around our attic.

I have been into our attic. I don't even think we have phone lines there. We have cable and a few power lines.

Finally, at 5:15, with nothing to do at work but bother others, Christine said cheezy_reads would pick me up at 6:15. We have to pick up Miranda (our dog-sitter) at the Metro by 7, and we HAVE to be in Crystal City by 9 to pick up someone else. That might leave me 10 minutes to pack and print everything out. With a lame foot.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

I just reopened some boxes to set up my computer again because I am bored as hell.
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