punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

How you know you have a true, old friend

In sixth grade, my best friend Neal and I were a pair of goofballs. Then Neal moved away in 1981, and we sent tapes to each other for the next 7 years (they sort of stopped when I got married). We're still friends, he has a blog, and is a very cunning linguist.

But to show what old friends know, he sent me this book, Mouthsounds. I got him this book way back when. I think it was mine, and then I gave it to him in 7th grade or something. The book is about how to make sound effects with your mouth; a talent I still use to this day. Well, Neal saw they made an updated, 2004 version of it, and sent it to me. It's still great, and now they have new sound effects not around when we were kids, like "cellphone" and "Tuva Throat singing."

Tuva Throat singing, I am SO going to try that! OOOOOwwwweeeeaaaaawwwwwwwooooeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh....

I totally recommend you get this book to entertain friends and annoy coworkers.
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