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Katsucon 11 Wrap-up

Well, another feather in my cap for another con passed. I am losing track how many conventions I have attended these days, and they all tend to blur together. So here's how this one went.

After all that phone snafu, and Christine picking me up late on Friday (not her fault), I arrived just in time for the 3:30 Opening Ceremonies... to find it have been delayed until 5:00. Oh well. It was that stupid band who delayed everything, which I know draws a lot of people, but IMHO, famous J-Pop bands at anime cons are more trouble than they are worth. Luckily, I am just a talking head and stage manager, so all I had to do was wait. My foot hurt something awful by 5, and I was only able to go onstage 3 times, and I defaulted to sending people off and on backstage. Next year, I plan to make an animal sacrifice to appease the bad luck gods of February, try and be healthy, not have anyone die, and have OC most of a better production. After OC, I spent the rest of the evening with my leg up in bed or on a staff suite couch.

Saturday, I tried to get network access in the room. No dice. I even tried wardriving, but all the signals were too weak. Then my laptop CDRW conked out on me, and I had to hand-write all the speeches for AMV. Keith had set the order, but I think next time we won't do "Best in Show" as the third category.

Then I did "Whose Katsu," which deserves a bit of explaining. See, usually, I overplan. For the last two years, I have asked for 6 or 7 people, only for 4 to show up. I learned this back in the Prune Bran days. But this time, all 7 showed. Oops. I thought, "Hey, the more the merrier," but it wasn't fair to my new people, there was a lot of confusion on game rules, and all of that was my fault because my players are really good, and I don't think I coordinated it very well. My bad. Luckily, (and surprisingly), the judging was really short. Usually, I have to stall and stretch it out after 30 minutes, but this time, judging was done in 15, and it was over. I really want to thank Marty, Amanda, Doc Andy, Andy Iwancio, stodycat, Danny T, and Rob for putting up with me and being super people onstage.

Next time though, no premature ejaculation jokes, okay? That was just wrong... :)

I crashed after that performance, and stayed in bed the rest of the night. My foot just kept swelling like a balloon in the orthopedic shoe, and now, my foot is misshapen where my skin pushed through the straps. My bronchitis isn't getting any better, either. After Saturday night, the rattling in my lungs got deeper, and it's been very hard to breathe while moving around.

But, people came to visit me, and I had some of the BEST conversations with daecabhir, ravynmaniac, stodgycat, and Andy Iwancio (who is moving to Seattle this summer, the bastard!).

Total money lost was only $36 in two J-List tee shirts. The merchant's room was kind of... eh... small, and nothing new or exciting. But then again, I might be jaded. Cheryl Evry once said to me, "I never buy anything in merchant's rooms anymore. Anything I want is either too expensive, or I already have." I had to convince myself to get the shirts, because I didn't need new tee-shirts, but one is a huge brown one with a Komo-Dhun face, and another is gray with a Totoro face. I saw other people with those, and I was jealous. And they were in my size, which is kind of a rare find (2XL).

All and all, a good con, everyone I know had fun, and I'll be back next year for sure.
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