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Today is blah

Artoo made it through the night, and I gave him an antibiotic pill this morning, and he hated that. I saw him use the litter box and get two drinks of water. He looked like he tried to eat, but I don't think he did. Right now he's wrapped up in blankets, sleeping. He's so sick. No word from the vet yet, but I don't expect to hear from them until later today.

And so is CR. He got my lung virus, and now he's on asthma watch, so I had to stay home from work, and I am sure I'll get disapproving stares but I'll get more done working from home anyway. I don't feel so great myself, but at this point, I feel my own needs have been pushed down the stack. I spent a lot of last night crying and gasping for air. I took a lot of expectorant, and now I am doing a somewhat better. My foot is doing better, too, and while I still have to walk up and down stairs sideways like a crab, I can walk around without the boot fairly well.

In other news, my old blog site is still getting hammered by comment spam. I turned comments off, but it's interesting to see that they only try a few times now before they give up.

The Cox phone thing is going nowhere. They never gave us our "Welcome package," so we don't know how to access our voice mail, we still don't know when they are going to fix the other side of our house, and I am not happy about all this.
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