punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Meme - 10 Things that I've Done that You Probably Haven't

Everyone was doin' it...

1. Lived on Cyprus (was born there, on Bristish soil).
2. Built a working manual transmission out of Legos.
3. Made Carl Sagan smile (in person).
4. Went 3 days without eating, drinking, or sleeping (endurance test).
5. Witnessed my own son being cut from the belly of my wife in a Caesarian.
6. Lost being elected president of a SciFi club to a man who promised that, if elected, he would never show up to meetings (he won 40 to 6).
7. Stood onstage in blue and red lights, watching people wave their arms to Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles," as a tribute to me (even though I said that was Tynie's intro)... multiple times.
8. Been bitten by a fan who claimed she was a bat when an improv panel went awry.
9. Been intentionally stabbed by a psychotic 8 year old I was babysitting.
10. Been in charge of systems that, with a few simple commands, could end the Internet access to tens of millions of people for hours, possibly days.

I also want to thank webqatch for making me go, "Then I did... oh, so did he. Then I... no, Sas did that, too... same time, even. How about... no, he probably did that, too..."
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