punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Link - Redone romance novel covers

When I used to be manager of a Crown Books store, we had a fairly big romance section. I recall there was some cabinet woman who would come in, and admit that she read them to get through the long and tedious meetings the county put her through. She was such a funny woman, that I voted for her in the next election simply because of a moment we shared reading aloud one of her "indulgences." She was joking about the horrible wording used by some of the writers, who had pen names like "Constance O'Banyon," and we flipped to a random page, and literally this was the first line there:

"Softly, he grabbed her hot thighs..."

We must have laughed for ten minutes. I don't judge those who read such fiction harshly, because we all have our choices in reading matter, and while I like cheesy Sci Fi, others like to curl up to some Harlequin romance and read about shirtless men riding horses in the 1800s. So I submit to you a collection of, ehm, "modified" covers.


"Lord of the Hissy Fit..." BWAH!
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