punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Snow, Virginia... *BOO*!! [Aieeee!]

Man, I think I am getting a sick thrill from people panicking over snow in the DC area. I have gone over this every winter, so I won't repeat it how fucking STUPID the local news is about it, and how many citizens just FREAK OUT, with an "OH NOES!!1!, SN0\/\/ SuXX0RZ!!11!oneone" and then buy the stores out of bread, eggs, and milk. They predict snow starting tonight, with about 5-9 inches in total by Tuesday.

In other news, we have phone AND cable now. Those guys were here for 4 more hours, rerouting my kitchen phone. That's an improvement, but now I have wiring outside my walls in the kitchen, which looks ugly. Well, hopefully, I'll be saving $80/month soon. I can use that money.
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