punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Trying to be cheerful

So that this journal can rise from the doom and gloom, this entry will focus on the positive.

I got a new phone. So long, Sprint! I can't believe Sprint's idiocy. I mean, I had a phone, my contract was over, and I was paying month-to-month. Then my phone died. I wanted a new phone. Sprint said, "Fork over $399." I said, "The same phone, for new people, is only $79." They told me that's for new customers. I told them I'd cancel the service and sign up again. They said it would take 18 months of non-service to be considered a new customer. I canceled my service. They called back, said they'd send me a new phone for $79. I said okay. I never got the new phone (nor was I charged for it). What's the deal? I called back, and it turns out they didn't cancel my service, and I was ineligible. I told them I did. They said I didn't. I told them to cancel it. They said they okay. I signed up with Virgin Mobile's "Pay as you go" and got a phone. I still kept getting bills from Sprint. I called three times to cancel my service. Then I got distracted, but they still sent me a bill every month, which I paid because I know how this goes, if I don't, they'll report me to the credit bureau (been there, done that... then you have to explain for years and years it was a dispute), and it was only for $25... kind of extortion money. I figured I'd transfer my new phone number to Virgin Mobile, but since both use the SprintPCS network, they couldn't figure a way around it, so I got a new number. The only way out of this, according to people on the web who said the same thing happened to them, is to threaten a lawsuit or change to another company like Cingulair. I put it on my "to do" list. I was really pissed, but my life was sucking, so it got pushed further down the stack.

Then my friend anyarm got one of those new Motorola Razor phones. Her phone was similar to the model I wanted from Sprint, and it was only 6 months old. It was a bit banged up, but she gave it to me for FREE! Wow, I was totally in gratitude. Woo hoo... so I went to the Cingulair store, activated the phone to my old Sprint number, got a holster, signed up for a year, and I have been playing with the phone for the last few days. I love the clear screen. I got one of those rotating, locking-clip holsters I have always wanted.

CR got the Virgin Mobile phone.

I got a bonus check from work, have two checks from friends who paid me money for various reasons, despite the Cox phone snafu, we'll probably save $80/month, plus Christine might be able to juggle insurance to save a little extra each month on health. It's a small sum, but it's better than nothing or being in the negative. And not to be ghoulish, but one less cat is slightly more food, and less kitty litter used. And after I pay for his remains, no more vet bills for him... not that he cost a lot, anyway. One benefit to a pet dying over, say, a person, is that no one ever fights over their belongings.

I still don't have a harpoon in my neck.
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