punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend Apology

I have spent a lot of time doing nothing this weekend. I kind of needed it. I have been spending most of it in bed, watching TV, trying hard to purge the issues I have had out of my mind. It's not been very successful.

I went out with some friends Friday night, and shockingly, I was starting to act like a dick. I actually got caught in some argument that I started, telling someone how to do their job; a job I don't even know, and have no business giving admonishing advice. I managed to abort the argument when her husband took over, but was stunned I had done such a terrible thing. I spent the rest of the evening kind of in a daze, ashamed that some arrogant crease almost cut a friend of mine. Because of this, I had to decline the visiting of other friends Saturday night until I calmed the hell down, because he's another friend under a lot of pressure, I was so afraid I'd say something REAL stupid, and we'd both ricochet off each other.

Today, I will be doing some car work. I have to get the Green Saturn up and working.
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