punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some updates on things

Well, time goes on, and so must I. Artoo is gone, and I just have to figure out some way to go on as I always have. His passing has left me feeling sluggish and disconnected. He doesn't have to brave the dogs to come and see me when I come home anymore. I won't have some familiar reassuring lump to pet during the multiple hours I wake up at night. I won't hear him purr in my ear anymore. I try an console myself that no cat will be knocking stuff off my nightstand, stepping in my eye or ear to get there, and I won't have to clean up his barf or worry about him barfing on something kitty barf would damage (books, laptop, etc.). He did barf a lot all his life. He'd barf if he ate people food, he'd barf if his diet changed, and he'd barf if I was out of cat food for a day, and then got some, and he'd gorge and barf that up as well. I used to call him Sir Artoo Barfalot, or The Giant Barfalotopuss.

But it seems so petty now.

There's always the little things, like I had to stop putting my jacket down on the chair because he'd sleep on it, and it would get all furry from his shedding. I stopped myself in mid thought. Every time I see a lump of black in a box, part of me goes, "Oh, there you are..." but it's not him. I haven't seen his ghost anywhere, which I kind of good, because Oreo's ghost used to freak me out.

Oreo haunted the downstairs for about a year and a half. I mean, he didn't float around, rattle chains, or go "Geeeettt ooOUUUTTT!!!" or anything, but once in a while you'd see him, and it was unmistakably him and his fat waddly walk. He'd look at you with those glowy yellow eyes with the dark streak across the right one (kittenhood injury), and then he wouldn't be there anymore. Sometimes, you'd see his shape waddle behind something and then not come back out the other side. The end of the bed where he used to sleep, you'd see his dent from time to time, or feel him jump up on the bed, and nothing would be there. The other cats and Ahfu saw him, too, because they'd react to something in the room you couldn't see, but they'd ALL be looking at the same spot. He sort of disappeared when we got Widget; I guess the noise was too much.

My foot continues to heal. I can walk around without much discomfort, and thanks to an idea by bureinato, I exercise my foot at my desk by tracing letters with my big toe. I have been stretching and flexing it as a nervous habit, so I am healing pretty fast. Stairs are my only obstacle, but that gets easier with practice.

I still have a touch of the bronchitis, but it's finally going away slowly. I still have a touch of the juicy cough, but I've just gotten used to it. Breathing isn't so hard anymore, either.
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