punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Saturn wuv

I am in a 4am install that is going well. There's only one guy in on the call, a dev guy I haven't worked with before, and I was told by someone I trust at work, "He's really trustworthy, knows his stuff." So far, this has proven to be true. It's nice to have someone who really knows about his application, how it runs, what to look for, etc. and who is so NICE!

Anyway, while I make sure 79 processes don't spontaneously reboot for no reason, I thought I'd give my love for Saturns.

[sounds of meadow music, birds chirping] sigh...

Okay, I know the Saturn cars are not perfect, but our green Wagon (the last year they made the SW2) has put up with a LOT of shit from us. Mostly the fact that once we got the blue SC3 (again, last year made, wtf? are we scaring them?) we drove it all the time, and the green one, which had 93k miles on it, just kind of sat there. Three times we have replaced the battery, and we think it's time to get a new alternator, and this weekend, fuzzywhuze and I were going to take it out and have it tested. Well, it turns out the alternator is not up front like in other cars, but down deep, so you have to reach at it from below, and then there's this bar in the way... BUT, with a jump start, not only did this car run after being idle since June of last year (when the "service engine soon" light came on, and we had no money to have it checked out), but purred like a kitten. fuzzywhuze and I drove it around, started it up again, so we know the battery holds a charge and the alternator keeps it charged. fuzzywhuze also gave me some awesome car tips like...

Want to know your tire pressure? On most modern cars, that info is on a sticker near the bottom of your driver's side door. Neat!

I am so happy the Green Saturn is okay... ish. The "service engine soon" light didn't come back on, but we think it will again shortly. We have to have it inspected anyway, since Christine let the tags expire on the car. She did that in one of those vicious chain reactions that I remember from when we were poor: we couldn't afford to fix the car, which means it couldn't get inspected, which means the tags expired. Those of you living paycheck to paycheck can relate. We lost three cars this way. Small problems couldn't be fixed, which developed into bigger ones, then the car was undrivable, then we kept getting fined because the tags expired, and then we've lost 3 cars that finally blew a rod.

Which is why we started buying Saturns; their great endurance record. I think my friend ninjacooter had 250k miles on her engine and manual transmission before it needed replaced, but she was going through some change, and just junked it at that point. I miss that car, though... especially the sticker job. I have a picture of it somewhere. There was a time when so many of my friends had Saturns, when we went to a beach trip, we had like 4 of them in a caravan. Brad, Jeni, ninjacooter, and our own wagon. Silver, red, and two dark green cars. I think I have a picture of that, too.H
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