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Tech - Stupid reasons I like KDE over GNOME

It's been a while since I had a good tech post. But this one will have to do for now.

One day, I got sick of flopping between KDE and GNOME, so I decided to choose one and stick with it until it was obviously inferior, or stopped being supported. But I have thought about it over the years, and I have come up with a list of dumb personal reasons I like KDE over GNOME as a window manager.


  1. KDE was what I first used with Redhat 6.0 (my first official foray into Linux)
  2. KDE sounds more professional, and is slightly shorter to type than GNOME
  3. GNOME's Logo is a big ugly foot, and gives me the subliminal thought, "stinky."
  4. When I first tried Debian, and hated it, it used GNOME 1.4 as the default WM, and I connected it with "old, bloaty, and ... gaaaahh, I HATE this distro!" (I have since reconciled with Debian, but still prefer Slackware or Gentoo)
  5. I don't like that it defaults the toolbar menu up top. Reminds me of my AtariST GEM/TOS desktop, and thus I think it's "old" (I think this of Mac OS's as well)
  6. I hate that GNOME stuff starts with "GN", which I can't make up my mind is "G-nuh-something" or "nuh-something." I realize that KDE stuff often starts with K, but at least you know how to pronounce "K."
  7. I only agree that it's slower than KDE because of all the other reasons mentioned, and I like to feel confident KDE was a wise choice. Actually, most of my POS computers run KDE and GNOME equally as slowly, but... who cares!
  8. I like KDE's control panel better; it looks more nifty and colorful.
  9. KDE seems to have this heavenly bluish-white theme to it, while GNOME is a depressing gray-brown by default.
  10. Gnomes remind me of South Park (underpants gnomes), a less popular AD&D character race (unless you were an illusionist), ugly garden statues, and Tom Bosley's voice as David the Gnome, ruining that book for me because his voiceover skills were terrible; he read his lines like he was being personally charged for the studio time by the hour.

Oh, but on a slow machine? Fluxbox or twm definately owns.
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