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Spot the Looney

Margaret: What are you, darling? Where's your costume?
Wednesday: This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else.

One of my problems is I am rather naive when it comes to people doing uncivilized things, from being totally nuts to being homicidal maniacs. There are two examples that recently hit me.

The first is I stumbled across the photos of an ex-friend who turned out to be completely paranoid and bonkers (no, Sean, again, not you). I had some words with this friend who showed me that perfectly normal-seeming people in the mundane world can hide a lava river of crazy just underneath the surface. Most of the time, I think I can smell them out, like I have successfully targeted two bad marriages that resulted in divorces because I was sadly on the money with, "Red flag! RED FLAG!!" I feel bad one took almost 10 years to come around, because after 5 or so years, I thought, "Eh... I was wrong. She's not nuts." But with this ex-friend, I never saw it coming. I had to break of contact before it became a psychodrama. But I saw recent photos of this person on a website from a recent convention, and though, "Boy... who would have guessed such a normal-looking, smiling human being could also be a spinner of delusional paranoia?" Paranoid Delusional 1; Punkie 0.

The worst has to be from this site. Then there's this dumbass janitor who stole the Mac webcam that filmed his nametag. For some reason, especially in the first set of photos, he doesn't "look" like a thief. I mean, obviously, he was, so I don't know what I expect a thief to look like. Maybe like someone from C.O.P.S...

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone else made an assumption of normalcy or moral civility only to find out later they were SADLY mistaken? Has anyone ever caught a thief red-handed, and thought, "Wha...? YOU???"
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