punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Mis lavaplatos es... extraño

Well, I have had about 5 hours sleep in the last two days (3.5/1.5 respectively), so I am a bit fried currently. Please excuse any grammar errors.

Two stupid phrases I learned in high school level Spanish III was, "Mis tocadiscos es descompuesto," or, "My record player is broken," and "Que lastima, hay dos chicas en la cocina," or "What a pity, there are two women in the kitchen." Today's new phrase is, "Que lastima, yo creo que mis lavaplatos es descompuesto," or "What a pity, I believe my dishwasher is broken," (Google translated this as, "That it hurts, I believe that my dishwasher is disturbed..." which I like better, so I am sticking with that). Yes, my dishwasher is disturbed, and it does hurt... my wallet, that is.

I don't know how old "Old Nessie" (a name I just made up now, I told you I was sleep-deprived) actually is, but the last repair sticker has a date from the Crimean War [rim shot]. Okay, truthfully, I really don't know how old it is, but I am guessing about 9-10 years, which is when the last residents did some major renovations. The last owners also had a knack for buying whatever was the cheapest, and so things like sink faucets and wall paneling quickly deteriorated shortly after we moved in. Why should the appliances be any different? The fridge upstairs has already two broken shelves, and the shelves were part of some all-in-one design, so now they are being held in place by duct tape. But while it keeps things cold, my dishwasher is not cleaning very well. In fact, after every load now, huge clumps of dishwashing powder are still left in the dispenser. And while most of the dishes are still getting clean, now every load has at least a few items that require a second round.

I have two major theories here. The first is that the water lines to the dishwasher are clogged, and not enough water is getting in to clean the dishes. When we first moved in, I noticed that the fine mesh screen at the tip of all the faucets would clog with what looked like tiny little white rocks that crumbled when you pushed them with your finger. I am assuming these are mineral deposits. Whatever was causing this went away after about 2 cleanings of screens and shower heads. The pipes also used to run slow, but after spending a day or so with some pipe cleaning solutions and a plunger, huge flakes of crusty minerals bubbled forth, and ever since, our drains have really worked well. I don't know why the former owners had so many mineral problems, but they don't happen anymore. The second theory is that the washer is actually broken, like the spinny thingee that sprays the water about is not spraying water about.

So my disturbed dishwasher needs fixed or replaced. I'd rather fix it if I can. If it's the mineral deposits (this was also what caused the clothes washer to leak, once I cleaned out the valves and put on new hoses, all was well), that should be an easy fix. Just pull out the washer, disconnect the hoses, and clean them out. If it's anything else, I am at a very strict disadvantage in that I cannot see the washer actually work unless I jimmy the door to all water to wash while I look inside.

The comedy of actually attempting that writes itself. You think the ceiling downstairs has water stains NOW...

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