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Things are always bigger in taxes...

Well, if I dare post some good news, we came back from H&R Block, and hopefully in a few weeks, we'll be be able to pay off a relative who loaned us money last year (if we can find her), and about a third of our total credit card debt. One of the benefits of paying off credit card debt is that the interest is less, even if you don't pay it all off at once, which makes it easier to pay it off quicker, and so on.

Providing no financial disasters, that is. I make no promises, but it is good to get some of this debt cleared. I don't think I have gone this long with balances on my credit cards in a long, long time. I don't even want to think what I paid in interest.

Gees, do you think we could actually start, you know, SAVING money again? My savings account reminds me of those skeletal cows poor people have in African drought countries. I think there's like $300 in there, the same $300 we have had for over a year and a half. That's the minimum we can have in there before they charge us "nuisance fees" since the buyout of our bank by MegaConglomoBank.
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