punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Getting some long overdue medical stuff taken care of

Suppose you have three nagging medical problems, and then got some money to only fix one of them.

Poll #453156 Getting some long overdue medical stuff taken care of

If you had money only to spend on one medical thing needed done, would it be:

Hearing aids.
LASIK eye surgery.
Dental bridge work.

Hearing aids. You're not totally deaf, but current suffer about 40% hearing loss that progressively gets worse due to a genetic condition that deteriorates the nerves that connect your brain to your ear. You will probably stop at about 50-80% deafness at the end. You are getting sick of thinking everyone's mumbling, being unable to hear anyone in even moderate background noise, have trouble with thick accents of any kind, and sick of saying, "What?"

LASIK eye surgery. You have been tested for LASIK, and they know they can correct your astigmatism, and there's a very good chance that you will be free of wearing glasses again until you become naturally farsighted with age (which happens to everybody). Even if you do have to wear glasses, they will be a very mild prescription. This might also help curb your horrible depth perception, which is made worse because your glasses bend light around the edges of your vision.

Dental bridge work. After some horrifying dental problems, your teeth get smashed in on one side of your face by a ladder. For almost 10 years, you have only a few molars on the right side of your mouth, making eating things like chips a game of Russian Roulette. Every time you visit your dentist, he warns you that if you don't do something soon, you'll get an infection back there.
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