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Geek, Dweeb, or Spaz?

I can't sleep because my stomach feels awful for some reason. So here's a small quiz I made up, based on an SNL sketch rerun from the early 90s (on E!). I am just curious as to what your definitions were.

- What is a geek?
- What is a dweeb?
- What is a spaz?

Or, what are the differences? What makes someone a geek, and not a dweeb? Don't go and look them up in some urban slang dictionary. I want to know what YOU think they mean, or what you heard growing up.

I'll start:

Geek: Someone who is so skilled at one particular set of knowledge, that it occludes their social well-roundedness.
Dweeb: Someone who isn't as a smart as a geek, so he or she tries to make up for it with arrogance... and fails pathetically.
Spaz: Somone who wants to be a geek, but lacks the attention span, because he or she has hyperactive tendencies.

Other terms I heard growing up:

Sped: Short for "Special Ed," it meant retarted.
Nerd: A geek who is also physically unfit or uncoordinated.
Goof: Harmless stupid person.
Fag: Stronger form of "sissy." It didn't refer to homosexuality when I was a kid in our area. That was reserved for "homo."
Klutz: Someone so uncoordinated, they cause property damage.
Bookworm: Anyone who read books that wasn't forcefully assigned to them by a teacher.
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