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Review - Sandisk DAP

I haven't had a conversation alone with a 6 year old in quite some time. This should be fun. Most of the Heare kids come in a bunch, and I always like the opportunity to see them as a single person. Today, as part of my, "Let the kids have their own individuality" day, we're taking Scarlet out to do girly things (unlike her older sister, she's a very girly girl) like have her nails done (okay, takayla is doing that. I hope to find out more about her philosophy, because even at 5, she was telling me things that were quite wise for someone her age, like, "You can be mad at someone and still love them."

Before I leave my LJ addicts to prepare for her arrival, I would like to review something I splurged and bought. A Sandisk Digital Audio Player. The iPod is WAAAAY out of my price range, and I saw this online while trying to find something to replace my trusty Rio Volt MP3 player (which still works fine, but it's a hassle because when you do highly active work like mowing the lawn, it does understandably skip once in a while). I liked this because it was cheap (in case I break or lose it), 256mb is fine enough (my 1980s mind still thinks 90 minute cassette tapes are awesome), it plays MP3s (I wanted ogg vorbis, too, but almost none of the mainstream players have that yet), and comes with an armband. I played with it last night, and it's real simple: it just shows up as a hard drive, so you can use it on Linux as well. The sound is good, too.

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