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Weekend Wrapup

Saturday went well with Scarlet. She got her nails done, and takayla forgot what it was like to be with a six-year old. "You have to keep an eye on them all the time!" Yeah. And she isn't even hyperactive, like CR was. She was very well behaved, and we ended the day at Chuck-e-cheese's. I was worn out by the end of the day, and fell asleep at a very unweekend-like 9pm.

Today, we went out with Heares to Don Pablo's. I had a very interesting conversation with Sean about something I can't mention in a public blog, but suffice to say, it is along the theme lines of some of the stuff I have in my private journal. Then my family went to BJ's to get some stuff. I needed new pillows (mine have gone flat, and are like 10-20 years old), some new socks, cat food, cat sand, and a new George Foreman grill. We wore out our last grill, and it really does make frying meat a LOT easier. I'd recommend them to anyone. This one came free with some chicken rotisserie.

I also got a new penguin. Since Artoo is gone, I have needed something soft to hug at night when I wake up, and while that sounds pathetic, I don't want to wake up takayla to tell her I had a bad dream or feel depressed, and you can't hug Widget, because gets all cross and growls. The penguin is made up of those Styrofoam microbeads, and while Artoo use to poke holes in them... well, that's not a problem anymore. :(

I didn't realize how much I altered my life because of Artoo. But little things I used to do, like keep my jackets where he couldn't get to them, keep things out of his barf range, keep things like brooms from of his fetish to chew things, and other things I used to do, now I go, "I better put this in the closet because... oh. I guess I don't have to anymore."

I miss you Artoo. God, how it hurts.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day at the Heares'. Had good conversations, the rest of their diet Pepsi, and an old coworker called, Bob. Bob used to work with me in wardialing, and it was great to hear his voice again. I really miss the wardialing team. He sounded a LOT better. Than he even did at work. Severance for them ended a long time ago, so now they are doing unemployment now. Bleah. They deserved a better chance. My company lost a lot of talent during that layoff. :( I again repeated to leave me as a reference.

I give GREAT references. Well, to people I know do good work, at least. Ask Sean or Bruce.

I need a new dishwasher. There was a lot of water damage back there, and the wiring was abysmal. We saw the same things with the stove: masking tape holding the wires together in places, frayed and split wires, and a lot of fixing needs done back there). The old stove one day caught fire, and we had to get a new one (BTW: unless you like using a lot of oven cleaner, the smooth-surface glass top is not recommended -- I can never get that blasted thing satisfactorily clean). So I kept the circuit shut off for the dishwasher, and I'll pay for the installation fee. Not cheap, $100, but it's worth it to have someone else to blame if something goes wrong. The last Sears guy who put in our stove was very nice, spoke English, and even seemed equally bummed that the measurements in the store were not the same as the product that was delivered. This is why our countertop stove has a huge gap on one side, it was about 1" smaller that the hole it went into -- even though the store model and dimensions in the included manual were the RIGHT measurements. The company shortened the model, and neglected to tell anyone.

I hope that doesn't happen with the dishwasher. Online, the widths seem to come in 2 sizes: 24" and 21". Mine is a 24". But I will go into the store and have a look at what's available. My timing was good: there's a sale and a "Don't pay until March 2006," payment option with the card (which we save for such emergencies). But they are too vague for my liking on the website. They have listings of features that have no descriptions (what is a "towerless design?, for instance?) and the "no payments until March 2006" doesn't tell you if that includes interest. I also want to shake and move the appliances at the store, find out how complex the controls are, and so on.

Not exactly what I wanted to do, plunk several hundred bucks on a new dishwasher. But unless I want to be a house husband again, I don't have time to manually wash dishes. Even WITH the dishwasher, I never really get caught up on the dishes as it is. I turn my back, and the sink is overflowing again. Of course, it could be worse; when I did dishes for the FanTek house, you had to wash everything after every meal because if you didn't, you didn't have pots, plates, or utensils for the next meal. We had a dishwasher, but it didn't work very well, and it was too slow; it became a bottleneck in the process.
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