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Poll - Moral dilemma

I was thinking about this the other day...

Poll #455755 Found money and ethics

You look at your bank balance, and see it's $30,000 more than you know you have (it usually averages around $300-800). Looking at your recent statement, you see that an automatic payroll deposit of a company you have never heard of has deposited $15,000 twice into your account... and then stopped. This balance has been in your account for a few weeks. Do you:

Say "Fuck the bank" cash it out, close the account and flee
See if the balance stays there, and if so, keep it after a certain amount of time you decide is "safe"
Tell the bank of the error, but only because you figure the bank will discover it eventually, and want the money back
Tell the bank mostly because you think it is unethical to keep money that doesn't belong to you
Move to Chile, because the Martians are coming, and this was the sign you have been waiting for (Chile owns the Easter Islands, where those big stone heads are) [aka "my option's not listed, you insensitive clod!"]

You are at a club, and while searching for a pen you dropped on the floor, you find a roll of $100 bills held together with a rubber band, with no ID, possibly amounting to $10,000. Do you:

Keep the money, duh! It's probably dishonest money anyway
Keep the money, because if you return it to "lost and found," an employee of the club would probably steal it anyway, so why not keep it for yourself?
Unroll it, toss the money on the dance floor, and delight in the riot it causes
Turn the money in to an employee, because you think this might be a trick
Turn the money to an employee, because it's the right thing to do. If they steal it, that's their decision.
Move to Chile, because the Martians are coming, and this was the sign you have been waiting for [aka "my option's not listed, you insensitive clod!"]

Have you ever found money or valuables and kept them? Or always turned them in?
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