punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So, you own a new dishwasher... la de dah, Mr. Clean-dishes-pants!

In his book, "Last Chance to See," the late Douglas Adams said that when you travel to other countries, it's the little things that really make you feel like a foreigner. Like how the dials on Chinese telephones spin the other way. I feel the same way with my new dishwasher.

The old one, which I watched drift away on a hand cart down my lawn, had a central tower, and all the dishes surrounded it like the main "Be Our Guest" dancing number from Disney's version of "Beauty and the Beast." This new one is a towerless design, and thus the racks are less specialized. They are simply boring rows of nylon-coated metal pegs, almost like a Orwellian version of arranging dishes (for the State). So I went from, "Be our guest! Put our service to the test!" to the tune from "The Volga Boatmen." But of course, this is better because there's more room, and you can arrange things the way you need at the time.

But I was disoriented there for a second.

The install wasn't simple, oh no, nothing in this house is simple. The wiring, plumbing... all wrong. In fact, my previous washer was such a mess of a fire hazard, it's a wonder when it leaked that it didn't electrocute anyone standing in the kitchen. Yes, that bad. Apparently, we think, they got a dishwasher first, and then when they decided to get a garbage disposal, they just hooked everything through the washer. One of the things I found out is the water for my icemaker went through the garbage disposal (via a t-connection, not actually IN the disposal... yuck).

But I tested the dishwasher, and not only does it use less soap and theoretically less water, it's one of the Energystar models that either uses less electricity, or uses what it has more efficiently. The dishes came out clean, so I think this little episode is over.
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