punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wish me luck... part 2

Pray for me.

I have studied and studied. I have spent almost 6 hours a night for the past week trying to cram more knowledge about Red Hat Server stuff than I'll ever use. You never know what you'll be tested on.

The first part is troubleshooting. They break some things, don't tell you what they broke, and then you fix it with only a floppy disk and an NFS mount. You have one hour to fix five mandatory problems. If you fail, you get sent home. Then you have another hour and a half fixing other problems, which you must get 80% of the services and whatnot working again before the buzzer. Then you break for lunch, and weep.

The second half is "setup." You have an empty computer, a boot disk, and an NFS mount. You have 3 hours to install a Red Hat server with like a gazillion services that, if you were a contractor, you would charge at least 2-3 days worth of work. Part of the problem is that it takes like an hour just to install everything, giving you 2 hours of configuration (although, thanks to tty2, you do have a bash shell you can start working on stuff as it installs in real-time). They won't even know your score until hours after you left.

My brain is full. It hurts. It is threatening to topple over at any minute and dump all my knowledge on the floor in a hopeless pile.

If you hear screaming at 9am in Vienna... it's me.
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