punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Red Hat: "Oops."

Okay, it sort of went something like this, but because of the NDA, I have to disguise their voices:

Head of Training: Yo, bitch. What up wit' closin' and not reschedulin' da exam?
Red Hat: I don't front, a'ight? We sent you a memo, dog.
HOT: Oh no you di'nt!
RH: You be trippin'! Yes we did!
HOT: Oh no you di'nt!
RH: Oh don't gimme dat shit, sistah. Here's a copy. Word.
HOT: We are not cc'd on this copy. There were other students there, yo. Waitin' and shit for your closed-ass office to open up. From like, other companies and everything. How come they didn't get the 411, neither?
RH: ...
HOT: [sound of studio audience going "ooooooo"] That's right. You screwed up. Bi-otch!
RH: A'ight, no foolin. We be keepin' it real. We reschedule, you make peace, right?
HOT: Oh no you don't. We need comps, G.
RH: Comps? Like what?
HOT: My employee, he need training updates since now the exam covers version 4 which you released and changed the exams to reflect since his training.
RH: A'ight ... a'ight, we send him dat. When he reschedule?
HOT: Well, he's all busy now, foo'. We get back to you.

The manager at Red Hat, a guy named Jose, sent me updated material that covers from RHEL 3 to 4, and I have the option of taking the "rescheduled exam" this coming Friday, or the next one May 20th. I have to ask my boss for permission for Friday.
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