punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

RHCE: The Bride of the Exam

When I was a projectionist, sometimes things would go wrong, and we'd have to de-thread the tangle of a projector, and then start again. Sometimes more than once, and then the audience would get sick of the first 3 minutes of the film rather quickly. To those who remember Evecon 4 and 5, you will know this phrase:

"FUTUREWORLD! [clap] One. More. Time!!"

And so I restart the soundtrack of the RHCE showdown. Its deep violins, the echoed rattle of castanets, the sound of a lone harmonica, a church bell, and some slow and sad tune whistled from a distance set the mood for doing--

"FUTUREWORLD! [clap] One. More. Time!!"

Now cut that out! Or we'll never get to the pizza and Star Trek blooper reel!

Anyway, I have been approved by my boss's boss to take the exam this Friday (my boss is out sick with someone serious, it seems). The big problem is now they test for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (I studied for Red Hat EL 3, and the new study books haven't caught up yet). But, as my white gansta-wanna-be lingo in a previous entry suggested, we got comps by having my old workbook "updated" to the new stuff. Notably, the changes in BIND, Xfree86 => Xorg (piece of cake), LVM 2 (Electric Boogaloo), and SELinux which is the BITCH of the new 2.6 kernel.

So, I'll be hitting the books all this week as well. And since a lot of what I have will be review, I should get caught up.





Number of my readers who will get the Futureworld reference: 1, if you include Webqatch
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