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Link - What's your namber?

No, not one of my usual typos, I said "namber." Name + number. When I was a teenager, I was taking this course that was supposed to improve my memory. Part of the exercise was to attach words to various abstract things, like one was to remember some chemical compound, and I was supposed to connect it to a chimp bashing a lantern with a hammer. As you can see by stating it was "some chemical compound," that never worked. These people want to do the same with the octets in ipv4 addresses.

Each computer on the internet has an address of four numbers. These numbers are translated to nambers to form the namber address. For example, mysteryrobot.com's internet address is The namber for 65 is drum, 214 is start, 160 is orange, and 117 is hope. mysteryrobot.com is added because mysteryrobot.com's DNS server is need to make the translation back to an internet address.

For example, punkwalrus.com is drum.heart.duck.cat.mysteryrobot.com. They then explain why they did this:

Because we thought it'd be amusing. Nambers are not terribly useful. They won't change the internet or DNS as we know it.

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