punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - Toshiuki needs a new Distro

I am bored and feeling uncreative. I have a SETI array, made up of mostly Gentoo and Slackware boxes. I have another box (Toshiuki) that is a clone of most of the other boxes (half my SETI boxes are all the same P3/800mhz w/128mb RAM all-in-one i810 chipset form factor minibox). It was running Debian, but then I had to re-image it to help me out with my Red Hat exam.

Now it's sitting on the floor, choking like a man's arteries after a 24 oz rare Porterhouse, 6 double-fudge buttermilk milkshakes, and 10 Twinkies. RHEL4 was brutal to this poor little box.

So, I need some suggestions on some exciting new distro I haven't tried yet. Here are the rules:

- It doesn't have to have a GUI, in fact, it's probably going to run headless
- BSD not an option. It has run on this type of box, but SETI won't.
- I don't want Mandrake, Redhat, SUSE, or any other slow bloated distro
- I'd like it to be fast, like Slackware fast
- I'd like it to be different than Slackware or Gentoo just for variety
- I'd like it to take less time than Gentoo to install

Poll #470738 What new Linux distro should I try?

What new Linux distro should I try?

Put it back on Debian, man, are you nuts?
Nah, stick with Slackware/Gentoo, don't listen to those Debian nutballs...
What do you have against bloated distr~~3^4$!@*$ [ kernel panic at address 0x1337f00d] ++ NO CARRIER
LFS, dude. That is, if you think you're man enough.
LFS is for wanna-bes. Write a new kernel and OS in Assembler, you pansy.
OOH! I have the perfect one, and I'll put it in the comments section!
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