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On babies and choking dogs

I got to see a baby yesterday. That was pretty cool. takayla and I decided at the last minute to go see them. We originally were not going to because I felt sick, but we figured out it was allergies. So we went to see Heare Child #4, and I only call him that because they still hadn't picked out a name. I am sure that a name will be picked today since cheesy_reads is being released from the hospital today, and she said, "It's easier to have the child's name when you leave." I think cheesy_reads is such an awesome mom; she was in good spirits, and really had her wits about her. She had a copy of a baby name book on her hospital bed, and I thumbed through it as the baby slept on and off in takayla's arms.

No one liked my suggestion "Adian Finn," which was based on some earlier suggestions involving the name "Finn." The biggest pressure the Heare family has is they have come up with some of the best names for their other 3 kids, and now they're stuck, and may name him after his father, Seal Paul, and he'd be Sean Paul Jr. Some of you may not know that I wanted to name my son Isaac, which is Hebrew for "laughter." He would have been named after Isaac Newton and Isaac Asimov. But takayla didn't want that; she thought everyone would think he was named after the bartender in "The Love Boat." So he became Christopher instead of Isaac.

Heare Unit Number 4 was small, reddish, and curled up still from being forced in a womb barely big enough to keep him. He was a bit gassy, so he was uncomfortable, but he did okay as long as I rubbed his back (I used to do this with CR a lot). He had everything where it was supposed to be, and we did make eye contact quite often. He also sounded a lot like his brother, which was kind of funny that all of us had independently thought this. He also had a fairly strong neck for a kid his age, and several times he rose it up to look at something or move around to another position. He also grabbed his own eyeball a few times, and then got out of sorts because it hurt.

In other news, I sort of forgot to mention last week that Ahfu had to go to the vet on emergency. We're still not sure what happened. It started on Wednesday evening, when Ahfu was trying to eat the last nub of his Booda-bone (a flavored corn-starch chewy thing for dogs). It was really small, and we were afraid he would choke on it. So I told him to drop it, and instead he tried to swallow it quickly, and so he DID choke, and was choking for two hours while vomiting up corn-starch-laced foam. We kept hoping he'd throw it up, but he didn't. Finally, he stopped, and seemed fine. Then, Thursday morning, he looked horrible. He could barely walk, and when he did, he was hunched up like his back end was in massive pain. I assumed the chunk of corn starch got lodged in his intestine. So we rushed him to the vet, and they poked and prodded him, and decided that somehow, he hurt his leg, and this wasn't a stomach ailment at all. Besides, the corn starch should dissolve, and it's made from corn starch for that very reason. We never did figure out how he hurt his leg, but they gave him doggie Advil, and he's fine now. Oh, later in the day, he finally barfed up that piece of Booda-bone.


I'm still mad at him that he wolfed down that Booda-bone. What an idiot. So greedy and selfish, he just got himself into trouble because he wanted it and no one else could have it.
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