punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I celebrated my thirtieth birthday on the 14th. Haha! They told me I would be dead by 20, but I showed them! I celebrated it by playing with my new computer that I purchased part by part, so I saved maybe $2000 in total. Me and my friend Nate put it together. I just have to brag about "Duchess" (I am running out of good Alice and Wonderland characters to name my systems after), because she's a beaut:

- Pentium II 400mhz chip on a 100mhz Gigabyte board with 128MB Synch DRAM
- Matrox 8MB Video Card with Creative Labs Voodoo2 12MB Chipset on a crisp 19" monitor
- A 6.4 GB Hard drive, 32X CD-ROM, and Internal Iomega Zip drive
- Full version of Windows 98 with Plus98, Dungeon Keeper Gold, and Quake 2.
- Creative Labs PCI128 Sound card with surround sound and five speakers

I am in love. Sad thing is, in 5 years, it will be worth less than $200. Talk about depreciation! But man, you should see it now... I also got a little Maglite, which I have ALWAYS wanted since my days at CK&T, over seven years ago! I also got a small pikachu on a keychain (which is absolutely adorable) and a very odd statuette of a cat with one paw over its eye. I am not sure what it's made of, but it rattles like something is inside it. I love bizarre gifts! :) I also had dinner with my father, of whom I have not seen in over 2 years. We ate at the Hunan Lion in Vienna, and had a great meal while he related tales from his stormy youth that were very interesting.

More big news: I am changing jobs. This was the good news I hinted at earlier, but couldn't relate until the deal was shut. It's still with the same old evil empire, whose stocks are slitting again for the second time this year as I type this. I am moving away from a member services job to a technical position in International operations. It's a lot like the job I am doing now except I got a 25% raise with differential and offered overtime on top of that, lots of training, and working about a 20 minute walk from my front door. Cool! I had my training last week, and start officially December 3rd. I am pysched about this new job. So long telecom, hello IOC!

Kali, mom's old cat, is adjusting nicely, although I think 5 cats is too much, so we're trying to find her a home. The air is thick with cat hair, and it's not doing us any good breathing so much of it. We're getting some big air filters, which we have needed for some time anyway, but we just don't have the room, space, or time for poor Kali.

And now my best buddy Nate is leaving! He's moving to California to persue a fantastic job in Networking or something, and this royally sucks because now I have lost a significant dinner buddy. Well, we mostly communicate via e-mail, so it's not like he's completely gone, but man, everyone's moving away!
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