punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

It's been rather eventful, with a lot of goodbyes to be said.

A good friend, Tracie Maier, decided to call it quits with the Southern Maryland scene, and got back together with her boyfriend Ross, now in Texas. She really shed off a lot of her old self for this bold maneuver, and in the process decided to get rid of anything that wouldn't fit in her Pontiac. We ended up with a lot of this stuff, including several kitchen appliances, a phone, a complete computer system, and untold amounts of knick-knacks, kitchenware, clothes, and art supplies. I tried to fix her computer system after Ross tried to "fix a noise," which ended up reducing the computer to a lot of inoperative parts. My buddy Nate got me some new stuff for next to nothing, and now I have a THIRD computer, named Gryphon. Far out. Thanks, Tracie! But man, we miss you...

Then Christine's mother became ill. She was recovering very nicely from knee surgery, when she had a heart attack that left her in declining health. Those of you who have had a loved one in this situation can sympathize with the "Better... worse... better... worse... not as better... worse... less better..." After she could no longer breathe on her own, she was put on a ventilator, and nothing improved. Finally, they left it up to the family, and we agreed that we needed to remove her off the support. Sally died peacefully, surrounded by friends and relatives, on October 18 at 5:59pm. Then came the hectic process of the estate. Sally didn't own much, but she did have some bills, and no will to speak of. I am glad that there was little fighting among the relatives, and we should have everything settled by the end of October.

What did we inherit? Well, some knick knacks, pots and pans, flatware, and... oh... another cat

No! You did *not* hear that! We would be insane to take in that mean old cat. No one else will take her... We can't have five cats. We can't even have four! Punkie, someone from "The Temple of Bastet" on line one...Take a message! Five, cats, nuh-uh! Rrrrrrrrrr...Hey, did you hear something growl?
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