punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, the pictures from the panoramic camera didn't come out, either. Most of them didn't. A few did, and so now we are pretty much convinced someone screwed up at the labs. Two separate cameras? Grrr...

Some massive changes are occurring right now that some of you know about, and some of you don't. For security reasons, I can't mention it on the web until it's all over. Those of you who need to know have been notified, and those of you left out will know sooner or later. Don't worry, it is good news.

CR has started school, and is doing fairly well. Christine finished one of her biggest wedding cakes and it was a smashing success. But she doesn't know if she wants to keep doing this, since it took away her life for a week. We had a begging request to do someone else's wedding, and we are considering it because she is a close friend of ours, and the order is small. My book may run into some snags, since the illustrator is now working a large job where she does illustrating all the time. Some of Suzi's work is amazing. But she has to work for clients before she works for me, so I understand. After deleting a lot of my writing by accident, I did find a third-redundancy copy of a Punk Walrus Saga 2 backup made in May, when I sort of last made my massive changes. So not a whole lot was lost in that respect.
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