punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am a tired, poor, huddled mass. I am tired because in the last month, I have been to two cons, and a vacation. I relaxed as best I could during the vacation, but when I got back, the work had doubled. I am poor because I realized I made a ghastly $300 error in my checking account which has thrown off finances by months, leaving me no comfort buffer through Christmas. I am a huddled mass because... it fit that rhyme on the Statue of Liberty.

Also, I can't get babysitting for my son. They cancelled the after-school program again, and that means I have to find a sitter that will pick him up early on Mondays. I swear to God, America (or at least Northern VA) still has its head stuck up the ass of the 1950's stereotypes. Everything, including medical therapy and other essentials, can only be scheduled from like 9am to 3pm, M-F. Day Care is either overpriced, under-qualified, or in most cases, a little of both. And if you have special needs, like for ADHD or asthmatics? Haha! You pay extra. If they take you. Some adults I have been talking with at these "centers" don't know what asthma IS! "If your son has a communicable condition..." it's asthma, you don't "catch" asthma. It doesn't help that people have been abusing Ritalin, the stuff is nearly impossible to get without 50 people signing something. The attitude is that you have to be June Cleaver; stay at home, have a husband who is richer than necessary, and be ready at all times to leap into the second family car and do errands.

Well, I want to end this on a good note. I spent all last week vacationing in Avon, North Carolina, which is about an hour's drive south of Nag's Head, and 20 minutes north of Cape Hatteras. VERY nice. The weather was perfect all seven days. Warm sun, cool wind, warm surf, and cool starlight. We left two days before Hurricane Bonnie made everyone evacuate, so our timing was perfect. Bonnie made for some great surf, but even without that, our house (which may be a pile of nail-ridden twigs now) was great! We went though Midgett Realty, which was highly recommended to us. I will be writing a review... at some time. I haven't developed the pictures yet, and they contain the Worldcon pictures, so after I get the pictures done, I am going to do a lot of scanning (and cursing at said scanner).
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