punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, I just got back from seeing "Avengers," which is a great movie if you loved the original series. Hey, it's got Sean Connery! But in other news...

I came back from Worldcon 56, and my feet are aching! That con involved a LOT of walking. I really tried hard to put together a review that would be meaningful and capture the Spirit of WSFS, but I am running low on time, so I just posted some basic stuff for now, and I'll go back and smooth things over when I get back from Avon, NC. Yes, we rented a beach house, and we're going down there with some friends tomorrow. One is even taking a train in from Philadelphia. This promises to be fun, and no hurricanes predicted yet!

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of working for my new job by promptly forgetting about it until last week. As of August 1st, I am a one-year veteran of the stormy seas of telecom programming. Christine just got awarded highest customer service honors at her work. And finally, I have accepted we have four cats. Oh, and we are releasing the turtle back into the wild, she looks like her leg is healed now.

Well, until my next entry, ta-ta!
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