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Hey! I wanted to let the diary know I am not dead, and I am actually working on two pieces for this site. One is my review of CastleCon 11, which is always a little bit difficult to write because every time I write a review about a con, SOMEONE gets off ended. It gets to the point that if anything bad happens, I have to ignore writing about it. It's nice to know so many people read my reviews, but I am getting tired of trying to make my stuff so squeaky-clean just to avoid someone's hurting someone's feelings. My record is four people who read my review that flamed me (my HalloweenCon review, which has been almost reduced in size by half because some people demanded I change or remove something). I recall one review that I said, "such and such ran this department really well," and I got, "Are you saying the previous people did not? What an insensitive jerk you are!" as a response. I had a lot of fun at CastleCon, and the FanTek cons just keep getting better and better each year.

The second piece may end up in my second book, which the readings went really well at CC11. It's about communication, and involves a toaster again. Due to some length issues, I am thinking of removing the last story from the "Time for a Walrus" book, an d make it just two long stories with some short stories in between. I am also thinking of changing the title, too, but we shall see.

Also, check out my new links! Seconds after I put them out, several of them went dead. Ain't the web a bitch? No wonder Yahoo has so many dead sites.

My son turned eight, and we sung to him at CastleCon Opening Ceremonies The Barbarian Birthday Dirge while he was onstage. He liked that. Hard to believe that kid is eight terran solar years of age. Because this summer we are so busy, we have delayed trying to adopt a little sister for him until fall or winter. We still haven't been contacted for a home visit.
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