punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Woo hoo! 3500 Hits! I was at 3450 just a few days ago, and now this new surge has crossed me over the 3500 mark. At this rate, we'll hit 4000 before summer's end. At Punkadyne Labs we're celebrating by eating Toaster Strudels and changing the notebook paper on this site. One of our lab technicians saw how the old notebook paper wrapped a little on 1024 x 768 screens, so he made some new stuff up in an eye-pleasing pastel blue. While we appreciated the color change, we think he's scored some bad peyote, so we lightened it up some. By the way, what or where is "bat country?"

In other news, I am running the Katsucon registration again. I have had a lot of good suggestions, and the ones that didn't involve shoving things up my nether regions I may actually use. The biggest complaints were the lines, so we're going to tackle that with more volunteers and more efficient pre-reg set-up to the lines are shorter and go faster. The other biggest complaints were the supplies, which we're going to take care of that as well.

I have been so busy recently, that a lot of stuff has fell by the wayside. My writing has suffered, of course, but also Strange Tea hasn't been doing much of anything. The other three members have also been busy with work, and one of our mutual friends, Ted "Bear" Lavallee, passed away last month. Bear will be missed. My buddy Dan Alt (aka "Jester") and I will being doing a "MiSTing" (making fun of a movie publicly) at CastleCon 11. I am not sure which film we're gonna do, but I think it will be either Starship Troopers, or one of the (bad) Alien Movies (like #3 or #4).
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