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Things are still busy. I have half of a new links page completed for this site that is updated and looks a bit better, but I haven't had time to finish all of it, and at this point I am heavily contemplating just tossing what I have already done online. I was surprised to find that not as many links were dead as last time, when I lost up to 40% of my links due to pruning. Don't even mention my writing. If it isn't work paging me at 2am in the morning, it's a busy schedule of planning other things, like CastleCon 11, Worldcon, the Katsucon 5 page and a vacation in Hatteras.

On Saturday the 14th, I almost went the way of Aeschylus when something whizzed past my ear and crashed to the ground in front of me. It was a box turtle. We figure a hawk must have dropped it. Anyway, the turtle was not dead, but injured with a bad leg. We're taking care of her until we determine she is well enough to be out on her own. We think she was someone's pet because she is not scared of people at all, and likes to be held and watch TV. We named her Madame Curie after the famous scientist played by a sexy starlet Odile Le Clezio in Yahoo Serious's film, "Young Einstein".

CR is out of school, and taking swimming lessons. He'll also be attending the day camp out this way called "Rec Pac," which he attended and loved last year. He gave me a large card and some cake for father's day.

Christine and I will be married 9 years this 24th. Hard to believe nine years, especially when people told us we wouldn't make it. Haha! Some of them are now divorced and we're still stuck to each other. Every year, I love Christine more and more. Christine's also on a weight loss program, and as a result, we're both losing weight. She's lost almost 40 pounds and feels great. I've lost about 10, and wish I had a smaller belt and my shirts weren't so baggy.

And it's official. My last backup won't fit on a disk. Ever since I started this site, I have tried to be committed to keeping all the graphics small, and all my pages fast loading. But you can't beat progress, Until last year, I could fit my whole page on one floppy (1.44 MB) unzipped, then until today, I could fit it all on one disk zipped. But Zipped it's now over 2MB, still smaller than 99% of the sites out there, but now I have to backup on two disks (boo hoo me, huh?).
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