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Forgive me Web site, I have sinned. It has been over a month since my last update. But I was busy!

Oh bummer! I haven't updated this site in a month! Phew! What's that smell, stale links? Stale something, I tell you. I have been really busy for the last month. Work has been horrendously busy, mostly because we had a redundancy scheme in place that turned out to not be as redundant as previously told to us. This started a chain reaction of problems, the least of which were networking faults. Our department has been running at half-staff, mostly because someone is either out training, out working on site, or just out of it. I had to pause and write this on my lunch break.

When I'm at home, I have been busy, too. I have two sites I am working on. One was a web-training course at the University of Maryland, a site so horrible, that they outsourced people to fix it. Halfway through the project, they scrapped everything, and just had a professional do the whole site top to bottom. Sadly, that professional was not me. But they paid me for the half the work I did do, and I invested it into my system, finally getting a Zip drive and some games. I shouldn't have bothered. There's something funky with my parallel port, so my Zip occasionally does weird things, like eject the disk for no reason, won't reread the disk, and I found wiggling my parallel cable in their slots will fix it for a while. The games didn't pan out well, either. I got Starship Titanic, 160MB (minimum install) of a Douglas Adams/Myst type of game, which isn't as interesting as I thought it would be. It's kind of boring, but for now, I am playing with it, because I spent $50 of the sucker. I got Lego Adventure, but since ST takes up so much HD space, I can't have both on the hard drive. It was pretty cool what little I played with it. Then I got "SimTower" from the "$9.99 or Less" bin. I had always wanted to play that, but sadly, it only came with the CD, no manual, and it crashes on one computer, and the sound won't work properly on the other. I spent $100 on games, and went bust. I also got a B/W Quickcam, which a friend of mine let me borrow a while back, then needed it back for teleconferencing with his fiancee. But, sadly, his fiancee dumped him, so he sold me the camera for next to nothing. It was at this time, I realized I had four parallel port devices (printer, scanner, Zip drive, and Quickcam), and only two parallel ports. Luckily, two of them have "pass thru" capabilities.

Then I installed a new hard drive on Jabberwok. Now my computer is really having problems. Half the time, it won't boot up, and then when it does, my Zip drive doesn't always show up, and when they both do, from time to time, I get a blue screen that says it cannot read drive D. But it only seems to happen when I first boot up. After the computer has been on a while, I don't get many errors. But it's summertime, and I don't want to have to leave my computers on all the time because my den gets SO hot. In sympathy, I suppose, my other computer Alice's hard drive started reporting errors. I did a scan disk on it, and it must have taken over an hour to go through the HD and remove some of the errors. Now I have to re-install a bunch of stuff.

The second job is working on the Go! Katsucon 5 web site, which has taken some time and effort. I am debating doing registration again. I could possibly be suckered into it again, especially if Mark pouts. There is a JASFA meeting this weekend, with our first K5 meeting, so we shall see how that goes.

Adoption processes have gone dead in the water. We almost had another chance to get that baby again, but the woman flaked again, so we're back to square one. Our contact with that woman is adopting one of her older girls, a girl whom I babysat for back when her and my son were two. We're going to baby-sit her from time to time. But it seems like the State of Virginia has completely ignored us.

It's also going to be a busy Summer. School's ending soon, then our 9th wedding anniversary, then CastleCon, CR's birthday, Worldcon, our beach-house vacation, and then back-to-school. All in a three-month period. Don't even ask me about my writing.

I know, whine bitch moan. Just update the site, and shut up. :)
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