punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, this has been a busy past few weeks! My hits-per-site has slowed down to about 50/week now, but I am still puzzled as to the sudden influx in volume. But expect a few more editions to the site soon! Guess what folks... we got a SCANNER! Now nothing on this site is safe. I have boxes and boxes of photos just ready to be unleashed upon the masses! Mwa ha ha...

In other news, we came close to adopting again. The first one was a little baby. Then the grandmother wanted it. The next one was a three-year-old. She was placed in a home closer to where she used to live. We're continuing to attempt to adopt, but Fairfax county has been putting enormous pressure on us to foster.

I also celebrated Passover with my good friend Albedo and his parents. Easter for my family was fairly tame. We taught CR how to shoot pool, and ate candy and chocolate until we burst. Your friends Tracie and Ross came over and had dinner with us. We found out Tracie not only got a new job, but a hefty pay raise, and Ross got the job at TGI Friday's he interviewed for. Things are going well to those who deserve it.

I was in BAH-stin last week, and had the trip from hell. Luckily, the class I was taking there was super, but the rest of the trip was terrible. I suffered misdirections, small-town life, incompetent and rude ticket agents, being put on the wrong flight, forced to take my shirt off at a security terminal, ultra-rude cabbies, and a severe lack of cash during the trip. I hope I never see any New England coast again as long as I live.
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