punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Web hits - 3000 Mile Mark!

Dude! Where are all you people coming from? In the last week, my web page went from the usual trickle of 10-20 hits/week to about 200! I'm not prepared to do a "3K Celebration" yet! Gaa!

My company is shipping me to Boston next week for some more training. This isn't so bad. One guy is being sent all over the country to poke at hardware and wires in various call centers that are opening. The programming guru where I work has given his two-week notice, leaving us a wee bit short-staffed for the next few months. If anyone with programming experience (hopefully telecom-related) wants to slide in to a challenging 30K/year position with a major ISP in Northern VA, let me know, so I can get them your resume.

Adoption stuff is going slow. We had another lead, but that's going nowhere. Easter is almost upon us, and I have been invited to a friend's Passover, so I must get a bouquet of parsley. The book is going well, I should have the last chapter finished by the end of next month or earlier, barring any fiascoes.
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