punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, I have a new computer. I never thought upgrading from an AMB K5/133 to an Intel P166 MMX would make that much of a difference. I thought I might gain some speed and maybe a drop or two of performance. I added more RAM (from 32 to 40MB) I had lying around, and upgraded the video card from a Trident 1MB to a 2MB S3 Vision864 3D PCI. The difference is quite substantial. First of all, MS Office 97 isn't a slowpoke anymore. Netscape 4.0 loads fairly fast. My hard drive (which had to be reformatted and gee I got like 190MB of extra space damn shareware DLL files) has a much faster access rate, and my video re-draw is really quick.

But the new video card has really been a pain. I got the most upgraded drivers for it, and it refuses to work properly. It is stubborn to stay at 16bit color, 600 x 800. That's not bad, really, since I am comfortable with that size, but it fights all my games. Dungeon Keeper, one of my faves, looks like I am trying to run it on sixteen colors. All the pixels are large and blocky, making text and numbers unreadable, and trying to see all your creatures is like playing a speeded up version of "Life," back in the old VT100 terminal days. I installed the latest DirectX 5.0 drivers, and now I can do 600 x 400 and 1024 x 768 resolution, so that's an improvement. But now my screen has that annoying "flicker" (you know the kind where you can't really see it flicker except when you look from the corner of your eyes, or have the screen completely white?), so I suspect my refresh rate has been tampered with. And my pixels are still blocky in Dungeon Keeper (I re-installed it twice).

In other news, we finished the Adoption/Foster parent training classes and got the complete physical. Now all that is left is the "home study," where the county sees your living conditions, makes sure you have plumbing, and not 4000 dogs in the basement or something. We had an interview with a social worker the other day for a potential adoption, but it was clear from the start we had already been selected out. I can't say why, but the woman left a lot of blunt hints, "She is of a different race, you know" The girl in question was a Black/Hispanic mix, but we have already said race is not a factor. We're going to keep looking, even if we have to go out of state.
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