punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, it's been an interesting week, that's for sure.

It all started Thursday, when I was getting the last of the e-mail from Katsucon. My main computer, "Walrus," (I name them for networking purposes) which has all of my important stuff on it, had been acting odd lately. Sometimes, when I rebooted, I would have to reboot several times for it to go back up. This time, it froze right after I signed off from my mailbox. Then I couldn't reboot it. I smelled the telltale odor of magic blue smoke. So I opened the case to have a look

Fzzz-BAP! Tzzzzzzzz... [crackle of a blue-yellow flame for two seconds]

Great Spires of Tuscapin! The explosion was so great that it de-mounted the main processor from the motherboard. The Walrus is Paul (goo goo g'joob). Bad timing. I spent most of the next few hours up to my armpits in circuitry. I couldn't fix it (even with a spare chip and MB). So I went to Katsucon, in a little shock. My baby! The computer I built from nothing! [sob choke sob] "Alice" is still working, but she's a little Dell 486 with a teensy hard drive, no modem or CD-ROM, and a crummy monitor.

Katsucon was the toughest job I ever loved. Read my review, but in a nutshell, I worked hard and had the most amazing experience I could ever hope to have. I love FanTek and everything, but it's refreshing to go to a convention that is popular with a particular genre, and has guests. I got to meet a work with some of the best people, many of whom I was meeting for the first time. I am not sure what the count was, but I estimated about 1200-1300 people got badges. I am going to be there next year, you can bet on it.

When I got back on Sunday, I was informed that we were to be interviewed on Tuesday by a social worker regarding a little girl we are trying to adopt. They have selected us from five families, and after interviewing us all, they will select which family best fits this little girl's needs. We rushed to get a doctor's appointment, clean the house, and have everything ready for Tuesday. Wish us luck.

My friend Nate and I looked at the sad remnants of the computer. After evaluation and testing, we figured the board short-circuited due to a bad mounting, which let the motherboard come in contact with the metal case, shorting it out. Chip dead. Both MB dead. Other chip dead. Time to buy new chip and board. Bad news: it will cost me $220. Good news: I get an upgrade to a Pentium MMX 166, and possibly get a free 2MB-video card out of the deal. (BTW: The new computer will be called "Jabberwok")
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