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I have actually been working on the Yak-a-lot Files, a collection of humor from my humor list. So far, it's only 30% done, but things at work have been rather dull, so I have had more time to fool around. With my office being an exception, I am still in numb shock at how stupid some people are in the technical industry. I guess I came into the industry about two year ago proper, thinking I was in the big leagues. Well, to any of you out there who have ever thought people who run huge technical companies are superior college grads, guess again. You know what? A college degree is meaningless when you get to the core of competency. Most of the people I know who are really in the know had only a little or no college experience. Some do have extensive college experience. But that piece of paper called a degree is nothing compared to smarts. I have been dealing with several companies on a regular basis that seem to be run by the lazy idiots the Japanese compare us to all the time. I'm not talking about people who can spout confusing acronyms or build a mainframe from scratch, I am talking about the other 99%, some working help desks, that have no common sense or street smarts whatsoever. It's one thing to make a mistake, but another to be an idiot.

I have gone to several foster parent classes now, and I can honestly say that there are some really, really, bad parents out there, and some sick and twisted families that should have been granted vasectomies or had their tubes tied the second the parents reached puberty. I mean, yeah, the first 18 years of my life were a living hell, but at least I had the skills and intelligence to know it. Some of these kids don't have that. They will never know what love is. I encourage everyone who reads this paragraph to turn to the people you love and thank them for being there. These courses have certainly been an eye-opener. I think every parent should take these classes, because they boil down most of the important stuff from child psychology, and apply it sensibly. It also exposes child abuse from cause to effect to how to stop the cycle.

Christine's Cake business is going very well. Many people are taking advantage of her Valentines Specials, and we even have a wedding cake order for the summer!
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