punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This will be a good year. Although it started on a strange note with the death of a Kennedy and Senator Bono, it also started with Christine's Cake business having a good season, and since EveCon 6, the first time I actually sold art at a con. Read all about it in my EveCon 15 Review. Add to that some newer goals, the ending of a rough year, plus some strong indications that I will advance in my industry.

Silverdragon was down until the end of January. I found out about it in December, and told everyone on this page until it was officially taken down Dec 31st to be physically moved a few miles down the road to the owner's new house. It then was given some maintenance, some upgrades, and finally, what took the longest, was getting a 128K connection to the Digex backbone. Those of you on normal modem connections won't notice a difference from the previous 56K connection, but those of you on LANs and whatnot will notice the new blazing speed of this page. To be honest, I wrote this while the server was still down, and will add entries offline until the server goes back up. I thought about putting my pages up on "members.aol.com" for a while, but that's such a hassle for only a month of downtime. And then the addresses have to be reset, and so on and so on... I'll just say that the page is resting.

The last bit of news was the failed adoption. I wrote about this at the end of 1997, but not many people got to read it. To save some 1998 diary space, click on this link to learn about the baby we almost got.
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