punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wow, after a meeting with Marc Mandolia, new con chair of KatsuCon, I have become head (sort of) of registration for KatsuCon 4. I say sort of because it's not like I have an official title, I think the best way to put it is "I do registraion," because someone else is doing badges, pre-reg, and I am filling the shoes of someone who got a new job, and wasn't able to fulfill the commitment on his own. That's responsible, I think. KatsuCon is being held in the Radisson Plaza Hotel at Mark Center, in Alexandria, Virginia. This hotel is [friggin'] georgeous! Man, what an impressive hotel! This convention is looking at 1000 - 1500 people, so this should be quite a challenge for the staff. But after meeting most of the staff, the convention is in very capable hands. I only hope I can do as good a job and not mess everything all up. :)

Man, I go to see what it's like and I end up running things. Teach me to volunteer for everything! :)
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