punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

As I write this, I am in a small, well-furnished DoubleTree Hotel room overlooking a freeway exit in downtown San Jose. My company has spent in excess of 2500 clams to educate me in the finer Aspects of running a call center (for you insiders, pun intended). But several other things have happened recently that have been worthy of note.

First, my web page has crossed its 2000th hit!

I know it's not that big of a deal, since I must have hit 2000 impressions a while back. I didn't put in the Digits Counter until several months after my page's official launch, but it's nice to know I have it written in digital stone. And no, I didn't reload my page over and over again, because Digits.com, my web counter service, doesn't count my impressions (or anything with my IP address), and does not count any hit made consecutively from any other IP address. Besides, cheating would be silly. No one cares that much! But realistically, it's nice to know people look at the Punk Walrus Web enough to generate a few hits a day. PLUS, I got another award: a cool link award from Searchpoint.com! Woo hoo! You can tell it doesn't take much for me to g et easily amused J.

Next, we got a new car! After years of envying my friends Allon, Rogue, Rick, and Brad, we finally bit the bullet and got a new Saturn. Yes, we decided to trade in the Chevy Cavalier while it still had high trade-in value and ran great. The last four c ars we had we literally drove them to death. The Silver 1982 LeBaron, on loan from a friend, died when the automatic transmission blew. The little white 1985 Chevette, given to us by a friend, and a car which ran to see 150K miles (!!), blew a rod on I9 5 (I *still* miss that car, what a little trooper that mini-car was!). We only had the white 1987 Dodge Omni for a short time before the engine block cracked while a less-than-honest lube specialist left it running in his shop with no oil. Our first car we actually purchased from a dealership, a black 1987 Cavalier, died after 105K miles and sitting all winter. The teal 1993 Cavalier we had was great, and apart from a recent replaced alternator, it had never needed a major repair. When we traded it in for a Saturn, it purred like a kitten. This new, Emerald Green 1998 SW2 Saturn Station Wagon is our first, honest, true new car we have ever bought. Both Cavaliers were bought used at dealerships, and the other three cars we got from friends and relati ves trying to help us out. And not only did we get a great trade-in value, but we got a brand-new car at a much lower interest rate, plus reduced insurance costs for the type of car it was, and the security system.
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