punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, a few things have happened.

I went to the Maryland Renn Fest and had a great time. As always, I saw a lot of people I knew, some who were running booths, like Bomber and Sasquatch. I also met Team Chicken Salad, which I worked with the next day on the final wrap-up of "Attack of the Killer Cameraman."

CR started 2nd Grade at the beginning of this month, and we are going strong into the school year. Christine has taken up cake decorating, so I expect to gain even more tonnage if I am not careful. Work is progressing steadily, although my opinion of long distance companies and how they treat their customers is going down the tube. But work is sending me to Aspect Obedience School, so I can run a call center like a good little walrus.

On the "Excuses for not writing" front, I built a spare 486/100 computer out of parts I had begged, borrowed, and bought. I got an old propietary DELL 486/LE with 16MB RAM. Hee hee. It has an adorable little desktop case, and its own 1MB Video chipset. Used my old VGA monitor, and plugged in some old peripherals. I had a lot of parts already, and I think the whole cost of putting it together, parts and all, was around $100. I especially want to thank Windows95.com for having all those drivers, or links to drivers. What a lifesaver! But I wasn't satisfied, I wanted more. So I got two Ethernet Cards and some coax, and networked it to my main PC. Now I have a mini-LAN. Why? Too cheap to buy another CD-ROM, so I run the CD-ROM from my main PC to the little DELL as a mapped network drive. Now my son and myself can slaughter each other in Duke Nuk'em with only 1 CD. Doesn't work on all games, though.
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