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Hey hey! 1900 hits!

Well, it's been about a month now with the new look, and many people have complemented me on the splash page graphic, and some people liked my essays. But more and more, I get requests for punk links, and while I have always told my e-mailers, "There are so much better ones out there, I let them do the work," more than a few lately have asked, "Well, which ones?" Okay, you asked for it, you got it. Soon, I will have a WHOLE page dedicated to Techno/Goth/Punk music, fashion, and personal sites.

In other news, my new job in being a telecom hardware specialist is fun. I get to play with switches, terminals, and get to eat all the Smarties I want to. I have been in training for a month now, and will be sent to exciting San Jose to get Aspect training.

I got a new computer desk. The desk I have been using has been the same one I have had since I was 7, and my parents bought it years before I was born. It was a fairly good desk, made of hardwood, manufactured by Lane Furniture, but it was more of a study-at/write-on desk. It wasn't deep enough to hold a computer, really, and with a 17" monitor, it was in my face, causing me to pan about the screen with my eyes when typing or reading. This made for considerable eye strain. I'd love to blame this for the reason I haven't written for a while, but that would be lame. But I just got a new desk, and boy, do I like it! It has cubbyholes, and the monitor is far away from my face (I used to get noseprints on my monitor, really, it was that close!), and there is a LOT of desk space to put my stuff on. If I ever get a digital camera, I'll post a picture. Meanwhile, the other desk is going to be used as a Lego table, so my son and I can get around to building the next great castle.

And... I have been working for Jedi Prysock in "Attack of the Killer Cameraman," a FanTek film, where my son and I play "Zombie Extras," and I play the part of the narrorator. Final film wrapup with be tomorrow, the 24th. Expect to see this little farce at local science fiction conventions soon.
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