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Woo-hoo! 1800th hit!

Finally, I updated this web site. It was getting kind of funky and stale there for a bit. Work kept me busy, both my real job and my just-as-real part time contracting jobs. But now, I am settling in to my new position with ease and grace. I can't believe they are trusting me with a pager, laptop, and corporate card. Ha ha, the fools! :)

Sometimes, when I look over the wasteland of abandoned pods, I think I am in some sort of desert. I pass by dusty desks with ancient coffee marks, an occasional sticker or pushpinned memo, some memos still fresh enough not to be yellowed. Scraps of technology sparsely litter the desks here and there, with blue 10-Base-T wires hanging out from behind cracks like thirsty children, begging for a computer to connect to. The occiasional dead mouse lays upside-down, sometimes with its brother, the keyboard. Three-ring binders to old software are discarded like ancient tomes of wisdom long forgotten. Once in a while you come across a computer, usually the gutted carcass with part of its insides exposed, or a dusty monitor with a red sticker that proclaims its death like a Post-it tombstone. "13in VGA: Bad Tube, Dec 95 -- JV." Small dust bunnies lay about like miniature tumbleweeds while a bleak sun filters from a set of misaligned window blinds. Sigh...

Christine had a GREAT CastleCon. The Art Show was a complete success, with both her and cjae did a fantastic job. Hear about it in my CastleCon Ten Review.
Tags: aol, castlecon, conventions, work
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