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Crossing our 1700th person is a cause for... okay, not much. To be honest, I haven't done much to this site because I have been too busy looking for a job. Working where I do now, they have decided to make us stuff envelopes, and other such menial tasks to avoid hiring temps. They are really trying to convince us to quit, I think, but I won't, which seems to make them madder. To make matters worse, all hiring staff are ignoring us. It's getting ugly where I work, not that I am treated poorly, but the other employees are getting very angry in that mutinous manner. I guess if I had a college degree in computer science, and they made me stuff envelopes for the last remaining days of a lay-off, I'd be mad, too.

I am going in for dental surgery again in two days. They want to prevent the last fiasco I had by drilling now, before they have to do root canal later, but I was told a root canal might be neccessay , but won't know until they start drilling. Luckily, I will be asleep through the whole thing. You know when you were a little kid, and they told you if you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you? They LIE!

CastleCon 10 is coming up. I hope it's better than EveCon was. Christine is running the Art Show, and I am running masquerade it seems, since the two girls who usually run it (and run it well, I might add) are occupied in a wedding. Kimber is getting married, and Julie is attending the wedding. This leaves a portly walrus running everything, and I'm convinced I will have succeeded if everyone doesn't hate me afterwards. I don't even know if I have an EmCee yet... yikes!

Recently, I visited my old Cargo store. Can't believe it's been over a year and a half since my last days at retail hell. Store looked nice, but the help was pretty wishy-washy. I heard my old boss got fired, no one I know works there anymore, and they bought themselves out and are now fully employee-owned. The president went to work for the competition, and the old head of contract sales was the new president. She was cool, so I think the company is in good hands. But it's odd to be in a place that was once so familiar, you knew every crack and bump, only to see it's all been paved over with someone else's... or several someone elses' care. Yes, in a year and a half, they went through five or six managers. That store's a killer!
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